Private Ranch Wedding in Castle Rock Colorado | Meghann + Miles

I love surprising people. I was absolutely thrilled when Miles contacted me and wanted to surprise Meghann with me and their wedding film. Meghann had wanted a wedding film but due to covering all the other amazing things for her wedding she thought they had reached their budget. Lo and behold Miles along with Meghann’s parents had a sneaky plan. Miles revealed the secret during the rehearsal dinner, which I filmed too! This wedding had so much love. Meghann and Miles are big softies and had a great opportunity to share it with all their friends and Miles’ kids. They spent many painstaking weekends setting up everything themselves to get it “just right.” It paid off. Their nuptials were given at a friends private ranch just outside Castle Rock, Colorado. You honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Meghann’s fathers toast at the reception was hilarious and filled with so many touching, extremely funny and awkward moments that made it perfect.

I am still jealous of their Costa Rican honeymoon. They set aside time every day to relax and watch the sun set. What’s better than that? I feel very fortunate to have been part of your awesome day and in such a unique way.

Aventura, January 29, 2015
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