The Neighbours Project Published in 5280 Magazine

The Neighbours Project is featured in the “Scene” section of 5280 magazine entitled “The Many Faces of Homelessness” by Spencer Campbell. 5280 Magazine is a Denver based magazine that covers anything for Colorado: Travel, Arts, Events, Health, Fashion, and Restaurants. You can get your copy at nearly every grocery store and news stands like Barnes and Nobel. You can see the online version here. This is a first for me to have my work published on such a large scale; and rightfully so. When you do something that isn’t about you it will resonate far more with other. Especially on a topic such as homelessness. Something we see a version of everyday. Working through this project has changed my views and personal approach so much. It has changed me as a photographer in the way I work with people. It forced me to slow down and build trust long before pulling out a camera; digital or otherwise. It’s also encouraged me to open myself up more to the myriad of people I run into during my daily life. Go further than the next guy. Smile to strangers. Connect with people beyond saying Hi, have a nice day. Break the mold on your typical pleasantries. You never know who you meet and what affect you may have on them. Challenge yourself to try it. The results are immediate and very interesting. I think we have somehow trained ourselves to be nice but to stay out of anyone’s business unless we know them personally. How are you to build relationships if you never start them?




Aventura, March 20, 2015
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