Wedding Wet Plate Collodion Photo Booth at Arrowhead Golf Club

I had a crazy idea last summer to do wet plates at a wedding like a photobooth. I found a great couple who vaguely knew what wet plate was and were up for letting me try it. They held their ceremony and reception at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton. I learned so much. I really loved sharing the process with the people at this wedding. It was like a photo and a show! I set up my darkbox so that you could watch me through the window as I developed the plates. I am now working out what size of team I would need to produce enough plates as gifts to your guests. While its near impossible to give everyone a plate at a 100+ wedding, I think its forseable to do around 25. At this time it would only be available for weddings I am not already shooting digital photos or video.


Aventura, April 15, 2015
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