Wedding Wet Plate Collodion Tintypes in Boulder Colorado

I had an awesome opportunity to jump in on a styled wedding photoshoot to do some on-location wet plate photographs in Boulder at this makeshift train museum. Lots of fun and super hard. I brought my fancy mobile darkroom/darkbox and do all the chemical processing on site: in the rain! I had a ton of fun and take any chance to make these truly unique one-of-a-kind antique photographs. I really liked the brides black dress. I generally appreciate anything different and unique. I love alternative photo processes and so far wet plate collodion photographs are my favorite. I just can’t get enough of them. So unique, fun to produce, and a fun experience for my clients. Lately I prefer tintypes for their portability and hard to destroy. Ambrotypes are wet plate photos done on black or clear glass. While in some cases, then can produce better images, you can clumsily drop and break them. That is sad sinking feeling if I’ve ever had one. Especially on one that came out perfect; ’cause they hardly ever do.

I offer studio portraits and on-location portraits for weddings. Contact me atDenver Wet Plate for details. I’ve also added in a wedding wet plate photograph tryptic for my Aventura wedding clients.

wedding wet plate of bride alone standing next to a train wearing a black wedding dress

wedding wet plate of bride wearing a black wedding dress in the forest near some trees

dark futuristic wedding styled head table wet plate

Aventura, March 25, 2015
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